Ingredients for Raj kachori

Maida                           500 gm

Suji                                150 gm

Salt.                               25 gm

Redchilli powder.      15 gm

Chaat masala.             10 gm

Chopped coriander     10 gm

Green chillies.              5 gm

Black gram.                    150 gm

Moong moth                   150g

Tarmarind chutney       100ml 

Mint chutney.                 100ml

Hung curd.                       100 ml 

Pithi                                   100 gm

Boiled potatoes.             120gm

   How to make Raj kachori

1.knead maida,suji,salt,soda,and warm oil into a stiff dough.leave to rise.

2.Mix Pithi with  a little red chilli powder, salt and remaining baking soda.

3.Make balls of the dough and fill with prepared Pithi .Roll with rolling pin.

4.Deep fry ,turning sides till evenly coloured .once done ,let it cool.

5.Make stuffing of moth,potatoes ,coriander ,chillies and black gram .

6.Season with chat masala and red chilli powder .

7.Top the kachoris with both chutneys and beaten curd.