Ingredients of Nariyal ki barfi

Coconut grated         3 cups 

Sugar                            3 cups 

Milk                                1 cup

Ground nuts.                1 cup

Cardamom powder.    1/2 tsp

Ghee.                                2 tsp

Saffron                              1/2 tsp

     How to make nariyal barfi 

1.Heat ghee in a pan.

2.Reduce the heat ,add fresh grated coconut..

3.Mix well for a minute.

4.Now add milk ,sugar and nuts stir again.

5.Cook for 4-5 minute on medium heat until mixture thickers. Keep stirring in between.

6.Sprinkle the cardamom powder and saffron.

7.keep stirring the mixture.

8.Once the mixture starts leaving oil towards the edges and appears like one lump of mass .that means your mixture is ready to switch off the gas.

9.Stir then pour the coconut barfi mixture in a greased tray or thali.let it cool completely and cut it.