Ingredients for Lucknow Galouti kabab

Meat                               250 gm

Ginger.                             1 tbs

Garlic.                               2 tbs

Fried onion.                     1 tbs 

Garam masala                 1 tbs

Coriander leaves.           A bunch

Red chilli                           3 tbs

Salt                                      1 teaspoon

Oil.                                      1 cup

  How to make Lucknow Galouti kabab

1.In a bowl,Add meat and add all the ingredients to it.mix everything together until you have a smooth paste .and leave for half and hour or more.

2.Pour a little oil in a bowl to oil your finger and palms.

3.Divide the mixture to form apricot size balls .and shape each into a flat kabab.

4.Heat oil in a pan and fry it on medium -high ,turning them from time to time with tongs ,until both sides of each kabab is well browned.its ready to serve.