Ingredients for Chocolate ice cream

Full cream milk.           3 cups

Custard powder.           1 tbs 

Coco powder.                 2 tbs 

Sugar                                1 cup

Vanilla essence.             1/2 tbs

Cream.                              2 cups

      How to make Chocolate ice cream

1.Mix custard powder, coco powder and sugar half a cup of milk.

2.Heat the milk when it comes to a boil ,add the custard  mixture, and bring to a boil again,stirring continuously.

3.When it boils,lower the heat and simmer for a half  a minute. stut off the heat and leave to cool.

4.When it reaches room temperature, mix in cream and vanilla essence and transfer on to a container with a tight lid.

5 .Freeze till almost set ,take out and whip up in a blender and place back into the freezer in the same container.

6.The lid should always be tightly shut ,as this avoids crystals from forming blend once more when almost set and place back in the freezer .

7.You can adjust the cooling to normal about 2 hours after the last blending.  garnish with chocolate syrup..😊😊