Ingredients for Spicy potatoes

Potatoes                          1 kg

Onions.                            1 medium

Ginger.                             5 gms

Cloves.                            4 

Cinnamon.                      3 sticks

Turmeric powder.           1 teaspoon

Oil.                                     2 cups

Cumin seeds                    1 teaspoon

Bay leaves.                       2 

Onions.                               1 medium

Tomato                                a large 

Red chilli powder.           3 teaspoon

Cumin powder                 2 teaspoon 

Coriander powder             2 teaspoon

Ghee.                                    2 tablespoon

   How to make Spicy potatoes

1.Grind together onion and ginger into a paste.

2..Grind together cloves and cinnamon into a powder.

3.pour 1 cup water into cooker.Add potatoes.

4.Close cooker .Bring to full pressure on high heat .Reduce heat and cook for 1 minute.

5.Remove cooker from heat .Release pressure with slight lifting of vent weight.

6.Open cooker .Remove and peel potatoes .sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon turmeric powder on potatoes and mix well .

7.Ground potatoes into 3 batches .Heat oil in a deep frying pan for about 5 minute. fry each batch till golden brown and remove .Strain oil.

8.In a large pan,heat 1/2 cup  oil for about 2 minutes.Add bay leaves and cumin seeds .Stir for a few seconds. add chopped onions and fry till golden brown .Add ground paste .Fry for about 2 minute.
9.Add tomato, chilli ,cumin and coriander powder ,salt ,sugar and remaining turmeric .cook till oil shows separately ,stirring occasionally.

10.Add potatoes .Stir carefully to evenly coat potatoes with masala. Add powdered spices and remaining water .Stir once. Reduce heat to low and simmer for about 5 mins ,stirring once.

11.Remove pan from heat .Pour ghee evenly over potatoes .serve hot .😊😊