Ingredients  for mutton

Mutton.                            2 kg

Coriander seeds.            1 tablespoon

Cumin seeds.                   2 teaspoon

Almonds.                          16

Cardamom.                       2

Cloves.                                4 

Mace                                     a pinch

Coconut                               2 tablespoon

Redchilli.                             5

Ginger.                                 20 gms.

Garlic.                                  8 flmakes

Oil                                          1/2 cup

Bay leaves.                           2

Cinnamon.                           2 stick

Onions.                                 1/2 kg

Tomato.                                1 

Red chilli powder.             1 tablespoon

Curd                                      3/4 cup

Salt                                      4 teaspoon

  How to make Mutton 

1.In a pan,roast together coriander ,cumin seeds ,almonds, cardamom ,cloves, mace and coconut and grind to paste with whole chillies ,ginger and garlic ,add a little water in which chillies were soaked ,from time to time .

2.Heat oil cooker  for about 2 minute. Add bay leaves ,cinnamon and green cardamom .Stir for a few second .Add onions and fry till onions are golden brown .Add ground paste ,tomato and chilli powder .Stir well.

3.Add 1 tablespoon curd Stir and fry until curd is well blended .Add the remaining curd in the same way ,a tablespoon at a time,till all curd is used. Fry till oil shows separately .Add meat and Salt .Fry till meat is lightly browned .Add water .Stir well.

4.Close cooker .Bring to full pressure on high heat .Reduce heat and cook for 10 minute.

5.Remove cooker from heat  .Allow to cool naturally.

6.Open cooker .

Your mutton is ready to serve with roti or pulav..😊😊