Ingredients for vegetables pulao

Basmati rice.                        3 cups

Water                                     4 cups 

French beans.                      100 gm

Peas.                                      1 cup

Carrot.                                  1/4kg

Cloves                                   5

Cardamom.                         4

Cinnamon.                         2 stick

Cumin seeds.                     1 teaspoon

Bay leaves.                         2

Oil.                                       6 tablespoonfuls

How to make vegetables pulao

1.Heat oil in cooker for about 2 minutes.Add cumin seeds ,bay leaves ,cinnamon, cardamom and clove .Stir for a few seconds.Add carrot ,beans and peas .Stir and fry for about 2 minute. Add rice .Fry till rice turns opaque.Add salt and water .Stir once.

2.Close cooker .Bring to full pressure on high heat .Reduce heat and cook for 3 minute.

3.Remove cooker from heat .Allow to cool naturally for 5 minute. Release pressure  with slight lifting of vent weight.

4.Open cooker. serve hot .enjoy veg pulao with chutney and salad.😊😊