Ingredients for Chicken Curry 

Chicken pieces.                           1kg

Turmeric powder                         1tbs

Curd.                                               1 tbs

Coconut grated.                           2 cups

Dry Redchilli                                  5

Ginger.                                             10gms

Garlic                                                 16 flakes

Peppercorns.                                    1/2 tbs

Coriander seeds                               5 tbs

Cumin seeds.                                    1/2 tbs

Tomatoes.                                          2 medium

Green chillies                                    2 

Onions.                                                2 medium

Cloves                                                  10

       How to cook Chicken Curry 

1.Rub chicken pieces with 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, salt and curd.keep aside.

2.Extract 1 cup thick milk from coconut using 1 cup water.Add water to the same coconut and extract 1/2cup thin milk .

3.In a pan ,heat oil for 1 minute. Roast all other ingredients except onions,chillies and tomato puree.Grind together roasted ingredients into a paste ,adding a little water from time to time .

4.Heat remaining oil in cooker for about 2 minutes.Add onions .Fry till golden brown .

5 .Add remaining turmeric powder1/2tb

ground paste chillies and tomato puree.

cook for about 3minutes ,stirring constantly .add chicken and remaining salt 3 tbs .makes well.Add till coconut milk stir once.

6.Close Cooker .bring to full pressure on high heat. Reduce heat and cook  for 7 minutes.

7.Remove cooker from heat.Allow to cool naturally.

8.Open cooker .Stir in thick coconut milk .serve hot