Ingredients for Gujiya

Plainflour                             1 cup

Salt.                                         Ghee 2 tbs

Water.                                        As required

Khoya                                        1/2 cup

Nuts                                            1 cup

Cardamom powder.               A pinch 

Sugar powder.                          1/2 cup

Oil.                                               For frying

How to make gujiya

1.In a bowl ,add the flour ,salt and ghee .Rub with the our fingers to make the dough appear like bread crumbs.

2.Add just enough water to make first dough keep a side covered for 15-30 minutes.

3.Grate khoya and keep it ready .heat khoya for 2to 3 minute and set aside to cool.

4.Grind sugar with nuts to a coarse powder. mix khoya ,sugar powder ,powder nuts and cardamom powder in a bowl filling is ready .

5.Divide the dough and shape in balls roll each ball with a roti roller into thin poori.

6.Spread filling on one half of the roller dough .wet your finger and run it along the edges fold over to form a semi circle the ends firmly and use a fork to seal the edges.
7.Repeat for the remaining dough.

8.Heat oil in a wok;gently drop the gujiyas in hot oil and deep fry on midium flame till golden brown.

gujiya is ready to serve.