Ingredients for Seviyan

Desi ghee.                           2 tbs

Seviyan                                  2 cup

Milk full cream                    2 cup

Sugar                                      6 cup

Saffron.                                  1 pinch 

Cardamom powder.           1 pinch

Almonds.                                2 tbs

Cashews.                                 1 tbs

       How to make seviyan

1.In a pan ,heated with a couple of tbs of desi ghee ,fry the seviyan for a min or two till they start turning brown.

2.Once the turn slightly brown ,add milk and cook the seviyan in the milk until soft and tender.

3.Add sugar stir and let  the milk simmer for a few minute then turn off the heat .

4.You may add a pinch of cardamom powder and saffron.

5.Garnish with nuts of your choice.