Ingredients for mutton do pyaaz 

Mutton.                   1/2 kg

Onion.                      3 

Curd                           1 cup

Ginger.                       1/2tbsp

Redchilli.                   1/2tbs

Salt                              to taste

Termaric powder.    1/4 tbs

Garam masala           1/2 tbs

             How to make Mutton do pyaza

Heat oil in a pressure cooker add garam masala .Add only one onion till brown .then add ginger ,garlic paste and mix well for another 5 mins.

Add salt ,mix well ,cut red chillies into two or three parts and add on it . 

Keep on low flame for 5 mins,don’t add water, close pressure cooker lid for 10-15 minute.

Open the lid and keep on flame till oil separates and floats to top. Its ready to serve .  Serve hot mutton do pyaza with pulav.😊😊😊😊