Ingredients for Chicken lollipop

Chicken lollipop.                   10

Salt                                            1 tbs 

Soya sauce                                1 tbs

Chilli                                          1/2 tbs

Red food colour                        1 drop

Vinegar.                                      1 tbs

Garlic.                                           1 tbs

Cornstarch.                                  4 tbs

How to make chicken lollipop 

Marinate chicken lollypop combine the soya souce ,red chilli ,red food colouring ,vinegar, garlic .Marinate chicken on the masala for at last 30 minute.

Deep fry –Remove the chicken from the masala and the corn flour to the masala to make a batter ,dip the chicken lollypop in the masala batter and deep fry,serve hot .

Enjoy with tomato sweet souce .😊😊