Ingredients for Chicken korma

Chicken                        1/2 kg

Butter                           2 tbs

Oil                                  2 tbs

Ginger                            1 tbs

Garlic.                             2 tbs

Turmeric powder.        1tbs

Onions.                            4

Lemon juice.                    1 tbs

Bay leaf                               1

Yogurt                                  1 cup

Garam masala.                   1/2tbs

Almonds.                                 6 

Cashew nuts                             6 

Coconut powder                      2 tbs

Coriander leaves                     2 bunch

               How to make Chicken Korma 

1. In a bowl add lemon juice ,salt,and turmeric powder mix well,add chicken pieces and marinate the chicken well,set aside.

2.In a grind add almonds ,coconut powder ,cashew nuts and grind them till thick paste is made .

3Heat the oil and butter in pan ,add marinated chicken and cook till chicken has browned,remove the chicken from the pan ,and cook till brown on medium flame,add bay leaf ,curd and salt ,cook for a minute .cook until water evaporates. 

4.add chicken pieces cover and simmer for 10 minutes add yogurt ,grind paste and cook for 3,4 minutes.