Ingredients for sweet corn chicken soup

Boneless chicken                200 g

Chicken broth                       300ml

Cornstarch.                            10g

Peper powder                        1 g

Salt                                            1/4 tsp.

Egg white                                 1 

Oil                                               1/4 tsp 

           How to make sweet corn chicken soup 

        Mix the chicken ,broth ,cornstarch ,pepper and salt well .Beat the egg white separately until fluffy and fold into chicken mixture.

         Bring the remaining broth to a boil in a large pan.Stir in the corn.

        Add cold water to the remaining cornstarch and mix to a smooth paste ,and add it to the simmering corn -broth mixture along  with oil .Stir well .Add chicken mixture and cook for two minutes.sweet corn chicken soup is ready to serve .

        Serve hot with green peppers in vinegar and szechwan sauce…