Ingredients for rasogulla

Serve       6

Cow’milk.                       1 l.

Citric acid                         1/4 teaspoon

Refined flour.                 1 teaspoon

Sugar.                                 1 cup

Water.                                3 cups

Rose essence                    a few drops

           How to make rasogolla

1.To make chenna :

Bring milk to boil in a pan. Allow to cool. Skim off all fat from the surface. Bring milk to boil again. Gradually add citric acid, stirring constantly. When milk hurdles, remove pan from heat and leave covered for 15 mins place muslin over a bowl . Pour curdled milk into muslin and strain. Gather up corners of muslin and tie about  5 cms .about curds .


Hang this bag for about 15 min.Gently squeeze bag ,take down and place between two cutting boards  .place on top board about 2 kg.heavy object for about 1 hour.Remove weight .Untie bag and  chenna.

2.Place chenna on a plain working surface and knead with the heel of the hand for about 1/2 minute. Add flour and continue kneading till the grains disappear and chenna becomes soft and creamy .Divide the mixture into 12 equal portions.form each into a ball 4 cms .in diameter Roll each ball with slight pressure between palms till smooth and even.

3.Put sugar and water into pan .place pan on high heat .Bring to a boil ,stirring constantly till sugar is dissolved.carefully place chenna balls one by one in syrup .

4.Cook for 10 minutes for high heat flame .

5.Remove pan from heat .Allow to cool  naturally .

6.Stir in essence .Transfer rosogollas with syrup into a serving bowl .your rosogollas is ready to serve .